Physical Trading
Company offices are located in Beijing and Hangzhou city. To develop regional influences, we have sales team in Hebei, Shandong, Dongbei, Shanxi and Guangxi regions. On top of that, company has extensive business relationship with miners including Everaz, KRU, KSL, Elga, Xcoal, Mechel, Javelin, Trafigura, Glencore, Suek and many other key suppliers. For downstream customers, we have China Risun Group Limited, HBIS Group Co., Ltd, Shougang Group Limited, Angang Steel Group Limited, Hebei Zongheng Steel & Iron Group Co., Ltd., Citic Pacific Special Steel Group Co., Ltd, Liuzhou Steel Group Co., Ltd., Jiachen Group Co., Ltd., JinXi Group Co., Ltd., Shenglong Electric Group Co., Ltd. , etc.
Hedging Business
Company has adopted a hedging business model since the beginning. Through years of experience, company has become an industry leader in commodity hedging. Supported by large market data from research team and stable physical trading flow, company uses futures and options flexibly to manage the exposure and positions. With the strategy in hand, company is good at finding market arbitrage window and adjusting our cost of physical cargoes. At the same time, hedging business has won us the top business performance in the industry.
Research And Investment
Research and Investment division is our primary focus and area for growth. It will be company’s fastest growing division in near future. Currently, research team mainly focuses on carbon market including coal, coke, steel and iron ore. Each product is assigned to experienced industry leader in the field. With over 10 years’ experience in coal industry, company has developed robustic research framework and has earned a good reputation in the industry.
Solid physical trading flow facilitates the paper market speculation. With the foundation in carbon market, company will start to expand into other commodities in near future.